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Reliability, flexibility and speed in setting up, that is the case with Wikibase. The solutions of Wikibase are therefore outstanding on these points.

By building our solutions on the open source MediaWiki platform, you are assured of reliability and stability. In addition, your information is securely accessible in the cloud everywhere at anytime.

From this solid starting point, Wikibase develops its innovative custom solutions. We do that quickly and flexible, as it was originally intended as a wiki: the word means in Hawaiian 'fast and moving'.

1. Base version

Not every organization knows beforehand to describe its business processes and workflows. For this reason, Wikibase develops a basic version, which you can quickly use. This gives your team the chance to get used to a simple environment.

2. Building together

Afterwards, the solution is further developed with you. Wikibase adjusts the software step-by-step to your wishes. By doing so, the whole team is actively involved in adding new functionalities.

3. Getting Started

Gradually, a complete product is created that connects well to your organization. This practical approach also adds convenience to the functionality. Wikibase improves your information provision with pragmatic solutions.


The company Rooftop from Etten-Leur (The Netherlands) uses the software of Wikibase for inspecting roofs. The roof inspectors save all their information about a particular roof with the tablet in the Wikibase. With a push of a button, they retrieve data from the previous inspection or create a photo of the roofing section that needs maintenance. By specifying specific items, the maintenance offer has already been sent before the inspector got off the roof and is back on the ground again. That is working with Wikibase: a user-friendly custom-made system.

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