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Only software specifically made for you proves its functionality.

Whether you want to support your business processes or to share unprecedented knowledge with others. By utilizing the MediaWiki platform technology, Wikibase always provides a reliable, flexible and fast solution.

And as soon as the dynamics of entrepreneurship ask for adjustments in the system, Wikibase smoothly facilitates you.

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Wij bouwen modulaire Alles-in-1 bedrijfssoftware die toegepast wordt voor:

  • Intranetoplossingen
  • Websites en web portals
  • Webbased platforms
  • Inspectiesoftware (zoals de dakinspectie app)
  • Managementinformatiesysteem
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Personeelsinformatiesysteem
  • Product data management (PDM)
  • Document management systeem (DMS)
  • Digitaal archiefsysteem
  • Praktijkmanagementsysteem


Onze Alles-in-1 kantoorsoftware wordt gebruikt voor:

  • Tekstverwerking
  • Documentbeheer
  • Databases
  • Presentaties
  • Projectplanning

Overige diensten

  • IT Advies
  • Training in MediaWiki en Semantic MediaWiki
  • Wiki hosting door onze partner True

Customized wiki

Fits perfectly in your organization

A custom-made solution to give you exactly what you need.

Safe and access from anywhere

Through the browser, everywhere secure access to your wiki. Also from tablet or smartphone.

Quickly usable

Thanks to the flexible structure of wikis, they can be set up very quickly and adapted to your needs.

Grows with your business

Need extra functionality in the future? With extensions to your wiki this is no problem.


Our custom wikis inspire users to work together and continuously improve.

Software development and implementation

Implementing software requires proper preparation. Even before we begin developing, Wikibase supports you. What ambitions do you want to realize? We then implement intelligent solutions for the bottlenecks of your daily routine. Our combined agile and scrum way of working makes sure that functionalities are safely and quickly released. Of course, we take into account the usability of future users. Because commitment is perhaps the pitfall in introducing new software.

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Wikibase does more than just supplying custom wikis to customers. With decades of experience in serving almost any sector in our home market and abroad, we are able to understand and support your business processes in terms of IT infrastructure, business management or ISO standardization. Thus you're sure to go not only with a software supplier, but with a real partner.

Managed hosting

With Wikibase you work in the cloud. You are not tied to a particular device or network. Internet connection allows you to log in anywhere. In order to enable maximum web based access, Wikibase also manages hosting for you, in the Dutch cloud. In this way we ensure that technology and safety are guaranteed. In addition, your system automatically makes backups to rule out that important data is lost.


When choosing the platform, for the system architecture and for the hosting partner, privacy, reliability, safety and continuity are central to its customers and their users.

Tailored Semantic MediaWiki training

Are you searching for a practical training for MediaWiki or Semantic MediaWiki? Then you are at the right place. Wikibase Solutions has all it takes to help you out. We explain everything from a simple plugin to creating advanced templates.

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